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We know how hard it is to find a driving instructor you can like and trust. Thats why we offer a money back guarantee. If on your first lesson you think driving isn’t for you, or maybe you just don’t like your instructor we will refund any money you have paid to us. We can’t say fairer than that.



  • You will finish driving with Graham feeling like you've found a new friend

    You will finish driving with Graham feeling like you've found a new friend

    Today I passed my driving test with Graham from Get Driving Today after a few months' driving. This was never going to be an easy one - I've got quite severe dyspraxia and have suffered with anxiety, plus had some life problems in the mix... The first time I met Graham I told him I couldn't drive. I'd had a few instructors a good few years ago who'd told me it was a lost cause and really believed it myself. Graham said "huh, you haven't been out to drive with me, it's not neccessarily a barrier" and one thing led to another and we were sat in a car together with me in the driving seat. I think we've broken every rule in Graham's "rules of driving" to get me passed in the end and it says a lot about him that he's the kind of instructor that'll do that. I mean, I ended up taking the test in my own car, after a final intensive couple of days of lessons, after playing with test dates over and over again - because that was what it took to get me passed and feel like I could drive properly. Graham is kind, patient, hugely knowledgeable and never once told me I was silly when I had a meltdown, which happened more than once! You will finish driving with Graham feeling like you've found a new friend (one who goes "oi!" at you if you miss a blind spot, of course). I wouldn't be sat here with a driving licence right now if it wasn't for Graham. If anyone's ever written you off from driving, or you've written yourself off, give him a call. It might just change your life like it did mine

    James Inman
  • Natalie Smith

    Natalie Smith

    What can I say about Graham! My absolute hero! This time last year I had quit my lessons with a previous instructor and decided driving was not for me. Then I found Graham on Google after I typed in anxiety specialist driving school. I suffer with anxiety, especially when it to driving. I don't think I moved out of second gear through my first few lessons. Graham was fantastic from the very beginning, he has the patience of a saint, ensuring that there was as little stress in my lessons as possible (even if it meant having the greatest showman soundtrack on for the entire lesson) Graham was understanding and patient through the process and worked extremely hard. Nearly a year on and I passed my test yesterday and have driven all over today including the motorway! I never would have thought when I refused to drive faster than 20mph in those first few lessons that id be zipping down the motorway today. I know we joked that when I passed, I would have Hugh Jackman to thank but I could never have got where I am without Grahams help and Guidance and I couldn't recommend him enough as a driving instructor. Big thanks to Graham and Brian (the monkey) and Hugh Jackman if he sees this

    Natalie Smith
  • Donna's life has changed !

    Donna's life has changed !

    My life has now changed. I can't thank Graham and the team enough. I have passed. I met Graham for the first time a car park whilst going shopping. I was 38 years old and never wanted to learn how to drive ( or pretended I didn't simply because I did not want to fail at something). I had never seen Graham before that day but I approached him with the challenge of his life "Could you teach me to drive?"...challenge accepted. I don't know why I felt Graham would be the one to help me but he was just such a warm welcoming person who put me at ease. Then I started lessons with him. He is the most supportive, genuine person I have ever met. I made the best choice in asking Graham to guide me through something that would be life changing and mean so much to me. The best decision I have ever made. Looking back on my lessons I can't believe how much Graham has not only made me a confident driver, he has changed my perspective on many areas of my life and how to deal with stressful situations in and out of the car. I was so anxious as life with my family hit an all time low. Graham's driving lesson became my therapy sessions. Time for me! Fitting in a full time job and a poorly child was sometimes too hard to handle at times but Graham kept me going, insisting I didn't miss lesson and kept me focussed on the end goal...independence! Even when things where bad he took the time to make me smile. Graham tailors each step of driving to individual needs, ways to remember ( however crazy) and what helps you to learn. He gives support and advice on every aspect of driving. He pinpoints areas to work on and makes each and every lesson fun even when my stress levels were at there highest. Wow yes I would even use the word AWESOME when I think of Graham and GDT. Never once did he get frustrated or annoyed and I assure you I'm not an easy pupil ( I am known as a princess). Thank you for pushing me to pass my driving test. Words will never be enough. You are amazing and I can't recommend you and your company enough. I will actually miss having lessons but glad I've made an exceptional new friend. You have changed my life

    Donna McQuilton-Morgan



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