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High anxiety, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism 

Accredited Driving Test Nerves specialist.

The driving school in Bury and Bolton for those serious about learning to drive and want to pass their driving test faster and spend less.

Learn to drive in a relaxed atmosphere with easy to follow steps, ensuring you become a safe and confident driver. 

My job is to teach you to drive in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Guaranteed, no shouting, or banging. 

I will instruct (teach) you in the way you learn, not ask you to learn how I teach. You are my number one priority, and I'm just going to help you, on the way to passing your driving test


What's the worst that can happen?... You get your money back!


100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

"It's totally understandable that you think paying for a driving lesson without knowing what your driving instructor is like, can be a bit of a gamble.
Why not try a driving lesson with me risk free, and if for any reason you are not happy, or feel you haven't "clicked" with me on your first lesson I will refund any money you have paid, including the first lesson " I will even help you find a driving instructor that suits you.

Why Choose Me ! 

£5 Discount off every lesson?

You can claim £5.00 off every lesson you have, just by paying 24 hours in advance.
All our pricing info info can be found here.No requirement to make any block bookings

Pass Faster Booster Pack

You get free or reduced price on three fantastic online courses that are guaranteed to help you take fewer driving lessons. Proven Savings of  over £300 off the cost of learning to drive.

Learning Difficulties

Graham is an accredited driving test nerves specialist and a firm believer that higher levels of anxiety, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia are not barriers to learning to drive. 

Autistic Driving Lessons in Bury and Bolton

I have had many years teaching learners of all ages with varying levels of autism & aspergers. Why not give me a call  01204 265055 and lets have a chat. 

Phillips Story


Please take a couple of minutes of your time to read Phillips story. A real life success story showing how when the system is against you, with the correct guidance you can become a safe driver and pass your driving test.

Philip (Ramsbottom)




WARNING! this is only for those serious about learning to drive!

100% Unique to Get Driving Today and PROVEN to SAVE YOU OVER £300 off the total cost of learning to drive.

Three online courses covering each step of learning to drive. 



The Driving Test Pass Club is the sister site to Get Driving Today. Owned and and written by your driving instructor Graham.

Imagine if you knew what you had to do on your next lesson. Or recap your previous lessons all from your own home

The Driving Test Pass Club is your perfect partner for you and your driving lessons. 

All your driving lessons are available in HD video inside the Driving Test Pass Club.

  •  Over 40 individual Lessons
  •  Over 90 Minutes of Video
  •  Guaranteed to save you over £300 off the cost of learning to drive.
  •  FREE for Get Driving Today pupils



You will get FREE UNLIMITED access to Theory Test Pro to help you study for your theory test.

  • Over 1000 questions
  • Hazard Perception Videos
  • Online Copy of the Highway Code
  • Monitored by Graham
  • The UK's No 1 theory resource
  • High first time pass rate



Are you super anxious about learning to drive? I don't mean nervous I mean "Super Anxious" 

If you are, do not worry any more than you have to. 

You have FREE and FULL access to the Confident Drivers online club. 

Confident Drivers has 100's of tips, tricks and good solid advice to help all drivers manage and cope with all sorts of levels of anxiety.


What our customers are saying:

Helen (Bury)

Donna passed her driving test in Bolton after taking driving lessons in Bury

Donna - Bury

Donna - "You've changed my life"

I met Graham for the first time a car park whilst going shopping. I was 38 years old and never wanted to learn how to drive ( or pretended I didn't simply because I did not want to fail at something). I had never seen Graham before that day but I approached him with the challenge of his life "Could you teach me to drive?"...challenge accepted.

I don't know why I felt Graham would be the one to help me but he was just such a warm welcoming person who put me at ease. Then I started lessons with him. He is the most supportive, genuine person I have ever met. I made the best choice in asking Graham to guide me through something that would be life changing and mean so much to me. The best decision I have ever made. Looking back on my lessons I can't believe how much Graham has not only made me a confident driver, he has changed my perspective on many areas of my life and how to deal with stressful situations in and out of the car.

I was so anxious as life with my family hit an all time low. Graham's driving lesson became my therapy sessions. Time for me! Fitting in a full time job and a poorly child was sometimes too hard to handle at times but Graham kept me going, insisting I didn't miss lesson and kept me focussed on the end goal...independence!

Even when things where bad he took the time to make me smile.
Graham tailors each step of driving to individual needs, ways to remember ( however crazy) and what helps you to learn. He gives support and advice on every aspect of driving. He pinpoints areas to work on and makes each and every lesson fun even when my stress levels were at the highest. Wow yes I would even use the word AWESOME when I think of Graham and GDT. Never once did he get frustrated or annoyed and I assure you I'm not an easy pupil ( I am known as a princess).

Thank you for pushing me to pass my driving test. Words will never be enough. You are amazing and I can't recommend you and your company enough.

I will actually miss having lessons but glad I've made an exceptional new friend.

You have changed my life


Donna  - Driving Lessons  Bury

Breaking the rules!

I've got quite severe dyspraxia and have suffered with anxiety, plus had some life problems in the mix... The first time I met Graham I told him I couldn't drive. I'd had a few instructors a good few years ago who'd told me it was a lost cause and really believed it myself. Graham said "huh, you haven't been out to drive with me, it's not necessarily a barrier" and one thing led to another and we were sat in a car together with me in the driving seat. I think we've broken every rule in Graham's "rules of driving" to get me passed in the end and it says a lot about him that he's the kind of instructor that'll do that.

James  - Driving Lessons  Bury


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