Driving lessons in Bury about to get faster

As you will undoubtedly be aware one of the biggest changes ever is coming to the driving test on December 4th this year. We have gone into detail recently on some of the changes, please feel free to look at some of our other posts.

One of the more interesting changes has to be the use of the Satellite Navigation System (Sat/Nav), with this undoubtedly will come a whole new set of official driving test routes. In a direct quote from the DVSA at a recent conference

we don’t want learner drivers just “pootling” around local estates and side, roads”

Here at Get Driving Today we couldn’t agree more. However using the word pootling was a little derogatory to learners, as they have to start somewhere before we send them flying at faster speeds. I am sure if you ask many a learner driver they find it harder on the housing estates than they do on some faster roads.

Anyway I digress, we are now fully aware that the new driving test routes taken in Bury will now include the possibility of driving at 70mph along the Edenfield bypass which has a National Speed limit stretch of 70mph, with other varying speed limits, now that’s far better than “pootling” around housing estates.

Where possible we have always tried to include this stretch of road in our lessons beforehand, as it allows us to cover as near to motorway driving as possible without actually going on an actual motorway so there is nothing really going to change in how we teach this style of driving.

Driving on this type of road is far different than driving and “pootling” around estates and town centres, so it is imperative that you get some form of practice on faster roads before driving your driving test.

Until next time – Drive Safe


About the Author Graham

Graham is a grade A , multi award winning driving instructor. He is comitted to offering a first class customer experience to all customers of Get Driving Today. He has been an instructor since 2007 and has owned his own driving school since 2009.
In his spare time Graham firmly believes in "family comes first", and is a keen Wigan Warriors rugby league supporter.

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