Do examiners have quota’s?

How many times have you heard people say “You don’t want to take your test on a Friday as the examiners have already passed enough people earlier in the week”?

Mmmmm (If only there was a whisper mode on here so the DVSA can’t see what I’m about to write.

YES, there are quota’s but not the ones that you think, or people have told you. Let me explain.

Each test centre in the country has a pass rate, for example the driving test pass rate at Bury driving test centre is around 33% (That’s one in three pass their driving test) Each individual examiner should stay I believe and stand to be corrected here within 5% of the test centres pass rate.


Bury driving test centre pass rate = 33%

Each examiners pass rate should be between 28 and 38%.

Bolton driving test centre pass rate 53%

Each examiner should have an individual pass rate of between 48 and 58%

If they aren’t within these parameters, I believe they are called in for a “meeting”

So, to answer the question "do driving examiners have quota’s?" the answer is yes but not what is generally perceived or stated in public (except here).

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