Do you just teach to pass the driving test?

Do I teach to pass the driving test?  that’s a simple answer.  Of course, I do, I’d be a dumb instructor if I taught people how to NOT pass their driving test wouldn’t I?

Seriously though this is a question or maybe sometimes more of a passing comment that I hear “Driving Instructors, they only teach people to pass their test” which is closely followed by “You only really learn to drive after you have passed” Both of these statements have a good element of truth to them.

A driving instructors’ main goal is NOT to get you to pass your driving test! Our main goal is to give you the basic skills to keep yourself and other road users alive after you have claimed your driving licence. The driving test is just a hoop you must jump through to gain your licence and independence.

In the limited time we have available for lessons I can only give you the basic skills and enough information to help you continue your driving life for many years to come. Unless you want me to continue providing lessons forever and ever until we have covered absolutely every situation possible, which could take years and 1000’s of £££’s.

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