October 20, 2015

Can I start this blog post by stating that I am absolutely gobsmacked that my small driving school has made it to the final three of The Made in Bury Business Awards (MIBBA). Last year I entered and was over the moon to make the awards evening happy in the knowledge we had made the final six. 

In 2015 a slight change to the format and we have been invited to the awards evening once again, only this time we have made it to the  final three in The “Best in Class – Motoring and Transport”. So yep my gob has been well and truly smacked.

The last seven days have been a bit of a bosh bosh world wind, what with having a meet and greet with the judges including a five minute presentation of the business and a five minute quick fire questions from some of the top business people in the borough. 


What makes me more proud of the MIBBA success is it is judged by your peers, its not a voting contest or how many “likes” you can get on facebook, you really have to impress some of the top dogs around town, for example on our judging panel we had the chief executive of Bury Council amongst others.


I am hoping that I have done enough to show that GDT are more than a “Pass your driving test” machine, and can become a stand out business throughout not just Bury but all surrounding areas.


So, how did we get to this stage ?
  1. Every business in Bury is elligible to enter, all you have to do was fill in the entry form. Not the easiest of tasks, but it would seem we have the knack as we have passed this stage in 2014 and this year 2015. 
  2. Its then wait for the email at the end of August telling you if you have made it into the final six, once again we we were selected alongside some of the bigger names in the category.
  3.   The final six are then invited to present there businesses to the category judges, more sweaty palms (but thats a different blog post)
  4. Over the next 2-3 days the final six are whittled down to a final three, who will attend a gala dinner at the Longfield Suite (Prestwich) on the 19th November.age
  5.  The final stage is the hard part, as my good lady will undoubtedly need a new dress, shoes etc, so if you see me with a long face around town, you will know exactly why?

So here’s hoping we can go a little further and come home with a MIBBA which will undoubtedly help the hangover for after the awards ceremony. 

So from everyone at GDT …. Cheers and wish us luck on the night.

About the Author Graham

Graham is a grade A , multi award winning driving instructor. He is comitted to offering a first class customer experience to all customers of Get Driving Today. He has been an instructor since 2007 and has owned his own driving school since 2009.
In his spare time Graham firmly believes in "family comes first", and is a keen Wigan Warriors rugby league supporter.

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