How long does it take to learn to drive?

The quick answer is without seeing and talking to you I can only answer that question with national statistics from the DVSA (They guys who conduct your theory and practical tests) they say that you will need around 47 hours of professional instruction (like with me) and a further 20 hours of private practice with family friend or relative. If I can get you to test standard in less than the recommended time, then I will.

Learning to drive is NOT like starting a college course in September and then taking an exam in June or July. It really does take as long as it takes. Lots of learner drivers have passed their driving test in 20 – 30 hours, but I will also say some learner drivers have taken many more hours than the 47 that the DVSA advise.

Why are those numbers so different, that’s an easy answer, because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Just like in most things some people pick things up quicker than others. For example, I am 54 years old and still unable to swim! That’s probably why I have so much empathy with learner drivers.

I have my own bespoke pupil tracking software which we will work through together, so you will know exactly what stage of your learning you are at and what subjects you still must cover or improve on.

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