How much does it cost to learn to drive

Let's get the elephant out of the room straight away, learning to drive isn't cheap!. There is no point in me writing this article and pretending that learning to drive is quite cheap. It isn't and it takes a lot of hard work from both of us on the way to passing your driving test

Let's take a look at the basic costs involved.

The DVSA state you will need approximately 45 hours of professional driving lessons. That's a starting figure of around £1300 ( I told you it wasn't going to be cheap)  

You will now need to book a minimum of one theory test and one practical test, that's fingers crossed you pass them both at the first attempt. That's just added a further £85 on to the total cost.

Are you going to be practicing between lessons? You will need insurance, so let's add a further £250 onto our budget, not forgetting some fuel for the car so lets make that £300

There you have it the basic costs of learning to drive is around £1685

I would recommend that you budget a MINIMUM of £1300 towards the cost of learning to drive. I will do my utmost to reduce the number of lessons you have and in turn reduce the cost of passing your driving test.

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