How to find the perfect driving instructor in Bolton or Bury

"All driving instructors are the same aren't they?" NO THEY ARE NOT !!!

Driving instructors come in all shapes, sizes and have a variety of different styles. Some like to be quite authoratarian and shout bang and act like your old teacher from school. If this style suits you then you should find a one that fits.

Take a look at these tips.......


Speak to them before your first lesson. If you don't "click" with them over the phone or think something is amiss then I can assure you you won't get along with them in the car. This can be catastrophic to your learning progress. The best case scenario is you find another instructor or worst case you have such a bad experience that you give up driving almost before you have started.



Before you book your first lesson with any driving instructor check online to see if they have any reviews or testimonials. Google, Yell and Facebook are great places to find some. If you read the testimonials and they resonate with your personality and style then maybe you have just found your driving instructor.


Although the cost of driving lessons can be a high priority DO NOT CHOOSE YOUR INSTRUCTOR ON PRICE ALONE. If the price is your only guide and they have a style that doesn't suit you then you will have wasted any money you have paid them and be back at square one.


Only a driving instructor with a GREEN badge / certificate in the window is qualified to teach you. You will see some driving instructors with a pink badge / certificate in the window. This means they are in the final stages of their training to be a fully qualified instructor. 

By law either a green or pink badge MUST be displayed in the training car whilst driving lessons are taking place.

If the driving instructor is NOT DISPLAYING any badge / certificate but is taking your money or payment in kind for example fuel money THIS IS ILLEGAL and they should be reported to the DVSA straight away.

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