First things first please feel free to exchange the word dad for mum or someone’s name.

Just like everything in life things change, I know the way I learnt to do my maths times tables at school is very different than the one my children used. It’s the same with driving.

On a daily basis I hear

  • “My dad says that you will fail your driving test if you cross your hands”
  • “My dad says that you should indicate when taking a second exit on a mini-roundabout”
  • “My dad says you have to hold the steering wheel at ten to two”
  • “My dad says you put your clutch down before you start braking”
  • “My dad says when I slow down, I have to change down gears 4-3-2-1”

These practices are either bad habits that have crept in after many years of driving or are quite simply showing how things have changed.

Saying all this doesn’t mean Dad is wrong to drive himself in the manner above if he is a safe driver?. He was probably taught many years ago when some of the statements above were true. Try to remember that the driving instructor is the expert, they are the person that is being paid to teach you to drive in the 2020’s and not the 1980’s, 90’s when cars and the rules of the road were different.

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