The Most trusted independent driving school in Bolton and Bury

You know that ping you hear, when an email hits your inbox? You know the one that makes you think who’s selling me something, and you think you should ignore it because it will be 10 seconds of your life wasted while you put it in your “trash”.

Guess what? That’s what happened to me yesterday, “ping” it went, am I glad I didn’t just resign it to the trash folder, you’d better believe it.

It was one of the UK’s online SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) online magazines, who just casually informed me ………. We had been named ……

“The Most Trusted Independent Driving School in Bolton and Bury 2018”


I must admit to being taken aback, taken aback that much I was looking for the scam behind it and contacted some of my renowned business advisors to try and authenticate it. Anyways its only gone and turned out to be totally kosher and Get Driving Today are now the proud owners of the title “MOST TRUSTED INDEPENDENT DRIVING SCHOOL IN BOLTON AND BURY”

Even this morning I was still a little gobsmacked as to how it all can about and what the criteria was in winning. So, we asked SME BUSINESS what it was all about and how it was judged…….

In terms of how your selection came about, we have an in-house research team here at the publication whom are responsible for the selection process when it comes to our programs. Our SME Business Elite awards are merit based rather than nomination based, and our team looked at a variety of different factors when determining our winners for each category.

 For this program our team considered factors such as; previous accolades won, company performance over a given period of time, influence within your industry since inception, client testimonials or recommendations and recognition/community involvement within your region. As a digital publication, our team also place significant weight on a firm’s digital presence, such as how a brand utilises their own social media, whether that be through the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter, through a company blog or even simply through a news section on the website that’s updated frequently with latest news and statistics.

 So, I have to say a massive thankyou to SME NEWS, for the award, and who knows what the rest of the year holds, watch this space.


About the Author Graham

Graham is a grade A , multi award winning driving instructor. He is comitted to offering a first class customer experience to all customers of Get Driving Today. He has been an instructor since 2007 and has owned his own driving school since 2009.
In his spare time Graham firmly believes in "family comes first", and is a keen Wigan Warriors rugby league supporter.

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