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Its the party season !! Christmas cheer and all that. 

Who hasn’t got a facebook wall full of people who have already visited the Christmas markets or are planning a trip or two just to be sociable and get into the festive spirit. I know I for one will be taking the challenge of avoiding being trampled in the masses a little nearer the Christmas period. 

Now I dont want to be the party pooper but, and yes there is always a but with these blog posts. here’s a little known fact SLEEP DOES NOT PROCESS ALCOHOL. What on earth does that mean I hear you say. How many times have you been out for a drink, got home around 2-3 a.m after a few hours “socialising” and then drove to work the following morning ? If you fit into that bracket it is highly likely you were well over the drink driving limit when you drove to work. Here’s another fact (I know I really am becoming the party pooper ” but it takes aprox one whole hour for your body to process one single unit of alcohol, i will repeat that !! It takes aproximately one whole hour for your body to process one single unit of alcohol. 

Now take into consideration there are two (2) units of alcohol in one 1 pint of lager or standard glass of wine ask yourself the following question about your last “night out” How many units did you have to drink, and how many hours passed before you drove ?

Example if you drunk a bottle of wine which would aprox 8 units then you should allow 8 hours to pass after your last drink before you even think of driving, remember SLEEP DOES NOT PROCESS ALCOHOL.

if you want to be really accurate take a look at the “MORNING AFTER” web site and use their interactive app and work out when you will be safe to drive after what you would drink on a “normal night out” I think most people will be surprised. I actually think some people wouldn’t be fit to legally drive until the day after the morning after :>) such is their alcohol intake.

How many of you can relate to Daniel who thought he would “wisely” stay over at a friends house and drive home the following morning so he couled have a few drinks last Christmas ? Read Daniels Story 

So please, please, please enjoy yourselves this Christmas, and don’t ruin someone elses just beacuse you didn’t know SLEEP DOES NOT PROCESS ALCOHOL ! 

Have a great Christmas from everyone at GDT

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In his spare time Graham firmly believes in "family comes first", and is a keen Wigan Warriors rugby league supporter.


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