Twins pass Driving test first time (On the same day)




Twins Alix and Lucy showing off their pass certificates
Well done Alix and Lucy

Halloween 2014 will go down as quite a memorable day for me as a driving instructor.

having heard many stories over the years how twins have this inner sense and tend to inadvertently copy each other, however until you have witnessed it for yourself it can seem odd.
Just over a year ago I  had a pupil, Jenny pass her driving test in Bury just before Halloween 2013. And now Jenny had passed her driving test I knew that her twin sisters Alix and Lucy were to take up the journey to learn to drive and pass their driving test. So not too long after Jenny’s pass  both Alix and Lucy took their first driving lesson with me. At first it did seem there was serious case of deja vu going on as I asked myself have I not just taught this element to you, but then immediately realising it was the “other one” !! So quite quickly I had to learn how to differentiate between the two of them so as to not get “blagged” with one of them taking the others lesson etc, this was quite an easy task as Alix wore glasses and Lucy didn’t :>) silly me in the early days.
Over the coming months it was obvious that the journey for both of them was going to follow a similar path as we systematically covered each subject, if a mistake was made by one, then quite often the same mistake would happen on the following lesson and sometimes at the same place, this can be quite spooky so to have a bit of a halloween theme going on just adds to the story.
Lucy solo pic
Lucy passes first time
So twins Alix and Lucy started their driving lessons on the same day in 2013, nothing too special about that as many siblings may have done the same thing. So lets let the story unfold.
As the driving lessons started to pick up pace and intensity I set Alix and Lucy a challenge of passing their theory test before Christmas. Which they both duly accepted, and succeeded in passing…… on the same day, at the same time.
With the theory test passed and out of the way both of them got seriously stuck into their lessons throughout the coming months sometimes finding it a little difficult, and sometimes it was just a  breeze. Once I had stopped some of what I call free-styling and settled them both into simply driving to a system everything came together, so it was time to book their driving tests.
Alix passes in the afternoon

Spookily, we managed to get them booked on the same date at Bolton Test centre, Halloween 2014 (31st October) , Lucy would go in the morning, followed by Alix in the afternoon.

11:11 – And its the time of Lucy’s driving test – The result was an easy pass with just two driving errors (Which incidentally put her top of her friends driving table for the best result amongst them).
14:27 And now its Alix’s turn, the pressures on Lucy’s already passed and she obviously doesn’t want to be the one that fails. No problem their, Alix passes with… wait for it ….. Just two errors, the same result as Lucy just 2-3 hours earlier, and putting her joint top of the friends league.
So for those that don’t believe that twins have some form of inner circuitry or call it what you want, lets look at the facts:-
Alix and Lucy : –
1: Started their driving lessons on the same day.
2: Passed their theory test on the same day at the same time
3: Passed their practical driving test first time on the same day
4: Had the same number of marks on the test marking sheet as each other.
So a message from me their instructor, it was a pleasure to teach you and Jenny, please stay safe and avoid free-styling and stick with the systems

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