What drivers can learn from the Corona Virus Tip 2

Let me first ask you a question which you should know the answer to. According to the governments own social distancing guidelines how far should we all try and stay away from each other? I’ll give you a couple of seconds to say it out loud.

2 METRES I hear you shout at me.

Correct, and now you have queued at ASDA, TESCO or your chosen supermarket, how good are you at judging those two metres or 6 feet in old money? With all those markers they’ve put down you should be pretty good at it, but I bet you’ve spotted a few people that don’t care, yes ?

Second question from me today is back to the rules of the road When you are driving and about to overtake a cyclist, how wide should you be according to the latest regulations?

Showing full distance

Not as easy this one is it ? The official distance is 1.5 metres just a little less than the 2 metres you currently judge so well but i’m sure that if you use your current 2;metre rule nobody will have any great complaints. 

This new law is one of those laws that hasn’t.t been made official as yet in the Highway Code, but trust me 3 points on your licence and a £100 fine are awaiting anybody who wants to test it.

Cyclists are classed as vulnerable road users, so please exercise some caution when approaching them.

Third question from me today ? Has a cyclist ever done something you didn’t expect? Like swerve or pull in front of you unexpectedly. Well why not help the cyclist out when possible and look in front of him and anticipate what he will do next. It isn’t hard to anticipate a cyclist will be going around a parked car, or if you look a bit more carefully you might even see a pothole they have to avoid.

There you have it the Corona Virus has helped you again.

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