Why do you charge a deposit to go on your waiting list?

Why do you charge a deposit to go on your waiting list?

I  charge a deposit to go on my learning to drive waiting list for the simple reason I want you to be committed to learning with me, and not just going to start with the instructor that can you start you the earliest. I think I have said elsewhere, I cannot lie.

Paying a deposit is also to your advantage. Once the deposit is paid you are in my “club” and have direct access to myself, to ask any questions you have, book in a FREE zoom call to help with your theory test, or anything driving related. I want you to be as committed to learning to drive as I am committed to teaching you and coming home at the end with a driving test pass and a full driving licence.

Once your deposit is paid you will get all of the following

  • Access to Graham (me)
  • Full unlimited access to Theory Test Pro
  • 50% discount off “The Driving Test Pass Club” Find out more
  • Full unlimited access to "Confident Drivers" essential for anyone with stress or anxiety Find out more
  • Book a Zoom or phone call to discuss theory or any driving related issues.

If you take advantage of all the above, you will be well ahead of any learner driver about to start their first lesson. More so, using The Driving Test Pass Club has proven to save our learner drivers over £300 by requiring fewer driving lessons.

Let me help you pass your driving test, complete the form below or call 01204 265055



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