Why do you not do intensive driving courses

Before I get myself in trouble with driving instructors who do teach intensive courses, can I just state here now the comments here are just my own personal opinion.

I really do think you have to be a quick learner driver to have a chance of passing your driving test first time after taking a short intensive driving course. Driving is a life skill like maths and English at school. Think about it if somebody told you, you could get a Top-Grade A level in maths or learn a language in 7 days, starting with lesson one on Monday with your test on Friday how do you think you would get on? Well, that’s how lots of intensive driving courses work.

I must admit I’m an old-fashioned instructor when it comes to learning to drive and much prefer to do maybe 2-3 lessons per week over a longer period, giving you chance to digest your lessons and to cope with varying road conditions over a longer time. For example, it’s easy to complete a 5-day intensive driving course without any experience of driving in the rain.

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