Why Learner Drivers go slow !

When was the last time you got "STUCK BEHIND A LEARNER DRIVER" ! How did you deal with it, with patience ? Or did you get agitated ? Unfortunately most people will have answered with the latter.

Lets relate "learning to drive" with "learning a new language" - Will you be fluent and happy to mingle with the locals when you go abroad ? Or will you be nervous and worried about pronouncing something wrong ? Well thats just how a learner driver feels when they are out on the open road. Unlike learning a new language,  where you can practice in private - you have to learn on the open road, which can be scary (A bit like going into a busy city abroad and needing directions but nobody speaks English).

When learning to drive, all the natural mirror use, gears, observations that you take for granted are not in the learner drivers muscle memory, so they have to think about each stage seperatley, you know like, when you try and speak your new language and you have to speak a whole lot slower than the locals.

I hope you've found this useful - but please be a little more patient when you are "stuck behind a learner.

Adios ;>0

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