Will I pass my driving test first time?

Will I pass my driving test first time?

If you ask any of my family and friends, they will tell you one thing I cannot do is lie!, I’m not going to start here. No, I cannot guarantee that you will pass your driving test first time. Why not? There are so many factors in play on test day that could affect your result.

I will hand on heart though promise you that on test day you will have all the skills required to pass your driving test and be fully prepared for anything that happens on the day of your driving test. Unfortunately, the rest is down to you? Test nerves come into play, and you will be amazed at some of the things I have seen test candidates do on test, and when they get back, they say “I’ve never done that before”.

What I will say, is, if you do find a driving instructor or driving school in Bury or Bolton who say you will pass first time go with them and make sure you get that guarantee in writing and hold them to it!

If you suffer from anxiety or you think test nerves will take over don't forget everyone who learns to drive with me gets FREE UNLIMITED access to CONFIDENT DRIVERS

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